Sunshine Lollipops

Here's Kit modeling her new dress, Sunshine Lollipops, knit top down in one piece in Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK.  The dress will fit any 18" girl doll and I guarantee it's super simple.  It's begun by knitting back and forth until you join in the round at the skirt.  The sweet puffy sleeves and picot hems are easy peasy.  If you have a little girl to knit doll clothes for, I hope you'll give this dress and yarn a try.  Baby Silk Merino DK is lovely to knit, so soft and bouncy, and this little dress will give you a good excuse to give it a try.  (2/4/15) I've updated this page to include a pdf pattern you can easily print out.
Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK at Webs, Deramores and Jimmy Beans


  1. Another cute pattern. Thank you, and it's nice you have it for free.

  2. Cute dress and a beautiful color.


  3. Could you explain how to end the buttonhole band

    1. Hi Janny, I don't know how to get a hold of you so I hope you come back here for the answer. You will be done with the buttonhole band when you join in the round. You will knitting the buttonhole band and the button band together, so 8 stitches become 4 stitches and then continue knitting all around every round for your skirt. So, you will have 3 needles, one for each placket and one as your working needle. Your working needle will pick up the first st. of the buttonhole band and the first stitch of the button band and knit them as one. Do this 3 more times, the placket is finished and skirt is begun.

  4. This design really is adorable! I love the little white flower with it too, so sweet!

  5. I am so pleased with your pattern Huckleberry Friend. I make doll clothes for charity. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. THANKS!!!


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